Learning wordpress theme development from scratch - Part 1

Learning Wordpress
If you are php programmer and working with CorePhp and want to learn Wordpress then this is right place for you. Wordpress is very powerful as well as as very easy to learn CMS.With the help of Wordpress we can create any kind of website like blog, eCommerce, any web portal, portfolio site etc.There are so many sites that using Wordpress.

If you have Core knowledge of Wordpress then you can learn Wordpress very easily because its functionality. Very Interesting thing about learning Wordpress is that its documentation, Its Documentation is very easy.There are so many blogs on internet world who are teaching you wordpress.Here i have mentioned some reference where you can learn this powerful cms quickly.




I also follow these blogs and believe me all the articles of these blogs are very knowledgeful and very interesting.So start learning today and enhance your skills.

Here i will teach you that how to create first custom theme in WordPress so lets start.

1. First of all download wordpress package from this link. https://wordpress.org/download/
2. After the download extract package and place in your local server Wamp or Xampp.
3. You will see thet following structure in your WordPress folder. You can rename this folder as per your need.

We are working with theme development so we will talk only about wordpress theme.So i am not introducing any other file which are not related to theme.But if you want to learn then i have give link at the top of this tutorial so you follow that links.

Now, Wp-content folder contains all the theme and plugins of WordPress site.The following structure is for wp-content folder.



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